If you have any of the following ponies, please feel free to contact me via my email (on the home page!) or PM me on the MLP Arena. My wishlist on the Arena is also ALWAYS updated, perhaps more so than the list here!

I pay by Paypal only and am situated in Singapore. When contacting me with an offer, please remember to quote shipping.

Childhood Ponies!

G1 SS Lickety Split - soon!
G1 Baby Lickety Split - NBBE version only please
G1 Bowtie - Soon!

FF Ponies! (not repro please)

Blue Belle
Cotton Candy

Other Ponies!

G1 TAF Sugarberry/Strawberry Fair
G1 TAF Baby Sugarberry
G1 Cupcake
G2 Cupcake (Not sure on her, but she completes the set)
G3 Cupcake

Pony Friends

Creamsicle - in the mail!
Cutesaurus the Dinosaur
Zig Zag the Zebra
Spunky the Camel
Cha Cha the Llama
Kingsley the Lion
Oakley the Moose
Edgar the Elephant (Not that keen on him, but he finishes the set!)

FiM range

Animal Friends (colour doesn't matter)
Ploomette's Peacock
Lily Blossom's Swan
Blossomforth/PinkiePie's Hedgehog
Dewdrop Dazzle/Rainbow Dash's Duckie
Flitterheart's Piglet
Rainbow Flash's Turtle
Cheerilee's Bunny

Apple Bloom
Sweetie Belle
FS Luna

Collect ALL the MINTYs!

CF Minty
MO Minty
Argentinian I
Argentinian II
Italian II
Italian IV
Italian VII (Magenta hair)
Italian IX (Lavender hair)
Retro Minty
Dollymix Minty

Minty I (Donkey, pink stripe symbol) - in the mail!
Minty I (red stripe symbol)
Minty II (Diva)
Minty III (Walking)
Minty IV (January Carnation)
Minty V (Star Surprise)
Minty VI (Daffidazey)
Minty VII (Makeup Cheerilee)
3D Symbol Minty - soon!

Blindbag Minty
G4 Minty single?

Baits, custom supplies and other randoms

- G4 Purple/White Unicorn (Twilight Sparkle/Rarity/RainbowFlash)
- G4 light-coloured ponies (Blossomforth/Diamond Rose/Fluttershy/etc)
- Dollyhair in any colour!
- Disney Ponywear - Ariel only at this point
- Ponywear - full dresses only at this point